Photokina 2020

Benz & Ziegler presented a design proposal for a stand at Photokina 2020 for the Japanese conglomerate company, SONY Corporation. The stand aimed to exhibit primarily imaging related products, apps and services.

The visitor’s path was designed around an ‘Experience Loop’, where the spectator-user would be able to observe the different spaces from a central exhibition core, but simultaneously could have a clear path of linear experience through a thoroughly designed path from the entrance and around the core.

The stand of 1,772 square meters area in total is characterized by the subtle, yet strong and elegant corporate design of SONY, with the use of grey tones in laminate, wood, glass and LED as the primary materials.

The main entrance is signaling the immersing of the visitor into the world of SONY, with an illuminated display of the SONY Logo and a geometric black gate which, as it enters into the main space, transforms into a ribbon ceiling and encircles the exhibition core.


The area was divided based on the wishes of the customer and in accordance to the different experiences the visitor was due to participate in, like workshops, photoshoots and learning activities.

The multitude of products and services are exhibited in a variety of areas, each one specially designed to host the specific use of cameras, screens, photo exhibitions, photoshoots and others.

A stage for presentations and workshops during the fair was included in the stand, with ample space for people to sit and watch. The same space can act as a meeting and resting place during off hours.


Last but not least, an area of approximately 370 square meters was dedicated to meeting rooms and lounge areas for conversations.




Exhibition Stand


Photokina, Cologne




1772 m²