EAGE 2018
EAGE 2018
EAGE 2018

Brand space Roadshow
EAGE Conference & Exhibition Copenhagen / Denmark

The new brand architecture and the staging concept enable Wintershall Dea to be experienced in all its facets and is also scalable and reconstructable. The first appearance can be seen at the EAGE Annual 2018, the largest multidisciplinary conference and exhibition on the latest developments in geophysics, geology and storage/petroleum technology. Further stops in the 2018 trade fair year will be ONS in Stravanger, ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi and E-World 2019 in Essen.

In addition to products in the field of fossil energies, but also renewable solutions, Wintershall Dea is a company that discusses questions of future energy supply in a changing market and seeks and presents answers to the manifold challenges. Complex tasks require a clear design. The cubic design language of Winterhall's brand architecture creates a friendly and approachable appearance for the high-tech company.

Two clouds form the roof of the Wintershall Dea brand space. They represent the core aspects of the company. The brand banner as a space-forming element communicates the brand to the outside world and creates atmospheric theme areas inside the stand as a ceiling element. The activation of the side walls ensures an extended use of the stand architecture beyond the surface.

A highlight-staging shows innovative conveyor technologies. As a visual anchor point, it points sculpturally into the distance. When approaching, semitransparent LCD screens locate the floating elements and embed them in a content-related and technological context. The interactive close-range communication continues the physical exhibit in the digital realm and offers in-depth details.

The warm hospitality area is the heart of the stand. A large communication table brings customers and exhibitors together as a team.


Wintershall Dea


Exhibition Stand


EAGE, Copenhagen, Denmark




85 m² 


Thomas Stefan